Heightmap generation

Operating principle

  • The system creates textures to store elevation and slope data on them.
  • Based on the size of the textures, it casts one ray per pixel downwards within the specified boundary.
  • If a ray hits a selected layer, sampling is performed.
  • If a ray finds an excluded layer, sampling is omitted.
  • Using the stored textures, we are then able to place objects in the world based on height and slope.


  • Resolution: The sampling resolution of the textures. This also influences the raycast count, so big numbers can cause performance issues.
  • Terrain layers: Wich layers we want to include in our heightmap.
  • Exclude layers: Wich layers we dont want to include in our heightmap.

Auto mode

If we enable Auto mode, the system will be automatically regenerating the heightmaps if any world or heightmap parameter changes.