Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing this product. I hope it will live up to its promise.

Getting started video

Editor Panel

We just opened the MassSpawner editor, so we can work with it.
But before that, we need to understand what we seeing:
starting screen
  • Heightmap view: Here you can see the selected area's height and steepness graph, or a stylized 3D view. Currently this is empty because we dont have heightmap yet.
    After you create a heightmap, this panel gonna look like this:
    main view
  • #1: Here you can switch from the 3 modes:
    • Heightmap
    • Steepness graph
    • Stylized view
    heightmap slopemap stylized 3d
  • #2: Here you can select a configuration page (#3):
    • World & Heightmap: Here you can define your world's boundary, and from wich layers you want to sample the height data, and wich layer you want to ignore. You can change the heightmap resolution as well. More information
      world & heightmap
    • Layers: Here you can define the layers and their rules. This defines wich prefab gonna be spawned, where, and how. More information
    • Color groups: Here you can define coloring groups. You can assign this groups to a layer's prefab. More information
      color groups